The following pieces are collections of sounds (generally in song form) that I have accumulated over my lifetime - well, since I first came across the Windows "Sound Recorder" program. From there, I moved on to the internal mics of various mp3 players, line-in recordings with cheap 1/4" to 1/8" adapters, gaming microphones that happened to function through USB, etc...

Hotel London, Summer 2006 [00:36]

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This is an old recording based off a hotel in Athens, Greece, where I stayed in the summer of '06 on a school trip.
It was meant to be a demo version, but I have yet to "finish" the piece.

I Was Wrong (Chamber Music Version), Oct. 2009 [00:29]

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Another rough recording of a shorter version of a song I haven't finished.

Nov 12, 2009, Nov. 2009 [02:34]

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First experiment with ProTools. After creating this title, I realized I had another piece entitled Nov 11, 2008. Interesting...

Experiment II, Nov. 2009 [00:59]

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An extension of the ideas used in Nov 12, 2009. Becoming more familiar with ProTools, and exploring how effects can affect a piece.

...More to come, once I've finished salvaging through old files, picking out what isn't garbage, and re-recording!

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